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Aquaponics Master-class Virtual

This course is available now as a stand-alone bundle

€- 80   /   Mur- 3800  


Meet and learn with local expert Cedric Fayolle

This course is designed to provide you with all the essential knowledge to start and operate an Aquaponics system and business successfully.


The workshop is presented by Cedric Fayolle, who is a leading professional in the field of Aquaponics in Mauritius and has over 21 years of experience in the teaching industry.

The workshop is addressed to those who wish to grow for their own family and those who wish to start  Aquaponics for a small Business.

Flexible study program 

Join our online course and learn how to set up a professional system. Our course is heavy content but spread over several small classes on video, supported by manuals and quizzes. Flexible learning hours and unlimited access.

7-day refund available after purchase.

€- 80   /   Mur- 3800  

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Topics covered

✔ Aquaponics defined 
✔ The different components
✔ Pre-requisites
✔ Water Parameters
✔ Water hardness and EC in Aquaponics
✔ Controlling pH
✔ Micro & Macro Nutrients
✔ Grow Modules technical analysis/calculation
✔ Culture management
✔ Understanding water flow rates and pressure loss
✔ Fish rearing in Aquaponics and the commercial standards
✔ Aeration calculations

✔ Fish hatchery design and Management

✔ Filtration calculation and design

✔ Pumps & compressors

✔ Design principles

✔ Introduction to plumbing and material options

✔ Application of formulas in design/case study

✔ Seedling programs and management

✔ Research and development approaches

✔ Nutrient plans for optimization of cultures

✔ Pest Control

✔ Maintenance and management

✔ Harvesting and packaging

✔ Design exercise

The course is composed of 20+ hours of content, distributed into 36 video classes, lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials.

Students can watch and study on a flexible schedule from any device.
Access to this educational material is unlimited

Course content


€- 80   /   Mur- 3800  

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