Next Schedule

The next Aquaponics Designer Course enrolment is :

25th August - 3rd September

Limited seats


The course content is accessible by online modules that are spread over a period of 4 weeks. Each week will contain several pre-recorded classes, that students may watch at a convenient time. For each week or module, students will have a quiz to review their knowledge. During each week, the Instructor will be providing interactive sessions to cover all questions and answers and this is the only part which will be on schedule with the different time slots and different days of the week.


Repetition is key to mastery and through the Video classes, the Manual, the knowledge reviews and assessments, students progress without constraints or efforts, and this is where our course stands out from anything you can find online or in real live workshops. The content will be accessible after the course is completed.

What does the course Include
- A rich and complete video library covering the "ALL" of Aquaponics 

  which you can access from any device, anywhere and anytime.

- A digital Manual

- Access to an exclusive student group page for live Question and       

  answer sessions

- Online Knowledge reviews and Exams

- A certificate of completion after the assignment has been passed

- Membership to Aquaponics Mauritius online support platform

What is the Price 

- Rs. 3800 Instead of Rs. 4800 

(100% refund if not satisfied during the first week)

Its easy, its fun and its amazingly productive