Aquaponics, is a branch within Aquaculture (the combination of growing fish and crops) and is emerging today as the most sustainable and productive solution for growing healthy fruits and vegetables on a small or large commercial farm scale world wide. 

Aquaponics is a chemical pesticide and herbicide free system. A 100% organic, natural closed symbiosis created by the the fish, the beneficial bacteria and the plants within the system. Its a harmonious natural Ecosystem. 

Fish&Plants co ltd is a company providing various services and solutions in the field of Aquaponics in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. Our services include :


System design/plan drawing

Courses on the practice of Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics
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Online Aquaponics course / Hands on workshop

Aquaponics is today's most sustainable and sophisticated way of naturally growing healthy vegetables and fruits. Its advantages are numerous. Whether you would be growing for your family, or wish to start an Aquaponics Business, our course will provide you the foundational knowledge for a successful venture. Click on our PDF Course Brochure to learn about the course's rich educational content packages.

Aquaponics system design 

Aquaponics can sustain your family with pesticide free vegetables. Its so easy to grow, and usually, our clients find their investment back within 8-14 month according to the design of the system.

We offer consulting and system plan drawings, illustration and capacity report for all our designs. You can have any contractor build your professional systems with our designs.

Whatever the size, we have solutions for you to grow from few kitchen herbs, to a full family quota on a monthly basis or build a Farm and start a business! 

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We provide some ideas and tips for successful management of  Aquaponics systems together with some Aquaponics innovations, popular system techniques and feed from our local work in Mauritius.

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