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Aquaponics Master-Course Virtual

This is an improved version of the 2 days master-class course, completely in online content. You can watch and study the whole content, anywhere and anytime on your phone, tablet or desktop. There are weekly webinars to address the interactive side of the course and as a whole will guide you along from a small to a commercial size Aquaponics project.

  • Location:  Online

  • Duration: Stretched on 4 weeks

Its easy, its fun and its amazingly productive


About the Instructor

This course is designed to provide you all the essential knowledge to start and operate an Aquaponics system successfully.


The workshop is presented by Cedric Fayolle, who is a leading professional in the field of Aquaponics in Mauritius.

Cedric Fayolle has over 17 years of experience in the teaching industry.

The workshop is addressed to those who wish to grow for their own family and those who wish to start a commercial Aquaponics system and join the new wave of Aquaponics large scale grower.

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